Monday, 5 January 2015

17 Mumma Promises I Make to You

Photocredit, Kati Byrne

1. I will purchase Napisan, nappies and wipes EVERYTIME there is a special regardless of my current stocks at home.

2. I will cuddle, smother and kiss you every chance I get.

3. I will clean my house in an attempt to avoid disease and infestations, not so it looks clean. 

4. I will always look at a another tired mumma flanked by screaming, flailing, tantruming, or fighting children and think that she is doing a GREAT job.

5. I will postpone, or have catch ups postponed, regularly and routinely due to colds, gastro, running late, school assemblies, casual work, mothers-in-law, flat batteries and teething.

6. I will zig zag the pram until you fall asleep in Best & Less, I will pick you up when you start screaming, just as I get called to the check out, and I will push my pram full of shopping bags while holding you because you will cry if I put you down.

7. I will google your cough/rash/poo/vomit before deciding to see if it's better or worse in the morning and then book a GP appointment anyway.

8. I will google and pin and bookmark and cook ten different foods just so I know you will at least eat three different foods this week. Or one.

9. I will take hundreds of videos of you on my iPhone. Of nothing in particular. But just incase you do something new whilst the camera is pointed at you.

10. I will drink wine after you go to bed.

11. I will sweep, spray, wipe, mop, rinse, scrub and stack after every meal time. 

I will buy you Christmas presents, not wrap them and then give them to you to play with straight away because I'm too excited about them. 

13. I will use the TV remote to encourage you to crawl.

14. I will blow bubbles over your head so you can clap at them and feel them pop on your skin.

15. I will wash, dry, fold, repeat.

16. I will always end up in the baby clothes section whenever I'm shopping and usually emerge with something for you even when I had no intention of purchasing anything that day.

17. I will smile with the most amazing feeling of joy in my heart every time you look me in the eyes and giggle just because I'm your mum. 

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