I am a Wannabe Mum and a Real Mum. In an age of Pinterest perfect first birthday parties and ingenious Instagram posts that portray Stepford mum moments (and not so great moments that are still artistically delivered), I would like to offer a realistic view of my life and my experience of motherhood. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Pinterest and a good ol' gram sesh. I love feeling connected. BUT I think there needs to be a stronger voice for normality, reality and the answer is: "No one has all the answers!" I hope you can have a laugh, nod in agreement and appreciate my corny attempts at being sentimental as they arise. Now I'm off to puree more cauliflower at ten pm before doing the dishes, sorting laundry, thinking of ways to remove banana from the carpet and finally kissing the ones I love most before I go to bed.

Disclaimer: This is not a how-to blog. I doubt I will ever put up recipes or be practically helpful in any way. I may advise that tiny sunglasses on eight month old faces are just priceless and you need to buy them and strap them to your baby and giggle. But I don't have skills in cooking healthy toddler meals or tips on successfully training your husband to put his briefs IN the laundry hamper, not one metre away from it.

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