If You Need Help

As I begin posting at Wannabe Real Mum I am all too aware that there are mums out there who aren't coping with the reality of motherhood. Whether it be the day to day grind of caring for new babies, demanding teenagers or any age in between. It could be relationship issues, financial difficulties or health problems. I don't only want to be about offering a laugh and commenting on the everyday. I know the reality for some is no laughing matter.

If you are not coping, there is always help out there. Please seek it. 

The Raising Children Network
The above link has almost every service listed you could think of related to family and community services new, or experienced, parents could need. Follow the links to your area to find phone numbers and websites you can use to track down support. A few of the services listed cover areas such as:
  • parenting support
  • pregnancy/birth
  • teens and alcohol/drugs
  • employment
  • housing
  • child and family health
  • legal matters
  • financial support
  • mental health
  • disability
  • multicultural and Aboriginal and Torres Straight Islander services 
Many of these services, such a hotlines, are free and 24 hrs. 

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