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My Mummy Must-Haves

I have already posted here about bub's favourite things but, in creating this list I realised that MY favourite mummy things are just as valid! So here is my (work in progress) list of top Mummy Must-Haves!

Photo credit, Janine

Square Cloth Nappies. The ones my mum used to pin and use as an actual nappy (still can't believe the things previous generations coped without...). These are essential for mopping up, protecting and general covering for all baby occurrences and activities. My bub was a 'happy chucker' so I had at least three of these with me wherever I went. Now she is older I use them on top of the change table, to mop up spills, put under/around her when feeding on the go, on the ground for tummy time, just to make a rough spot softer to lie/sit on, still have one on hand when breastfeeding for spit ups and leakage, to roll up and prop up the early sitter or to use rolled up under their arms to help with tummy time and I'm sure there are other things you could think of.
My Pick: Bulk Packs of 12 Nappies 
Available from Big W or Kmart for around $20

Love to Dream: Love to Swaddle UP. These amazing zip up swaddles cocoon your little one in the position they naturally sleep in - with arms up. There are a few different varieties, but I think three of the originals do quite well. No unwrapping for feed times, easy changes and husband-proof! I am only just taking my eight month old out of these swaddles now (but they are available for up to 11kg and 75cm). This brand is just the first one I tried, but there are a few different brands of 'easy' swaddles. I'll be sure to let you know which sleeping bag choice I'm a fan of once I've got my head around this next stage.
My Pick: Love to Dream Swaddle Up Original and 50/50
Available from a variety of retailers for around $35.00-$40.00

Infants' Friend Oral Liquid. Not every parent will need this, but it was recommended to us when bub was six weeks old and I think it was the help we needed in getting our baby to settle and sleep at night. It is essentially a natural colic and wind relief remedy. It's been around for 80 years which I feel is a testament to it's effectiveness and safe use. We used it every night before bedtime for about three months and noticed huge improvements in bub struggling less with wind and general colicky behaviours (not that she had colic, but she was often quite unsettled in the evening). Since starting solids, bub has once again had a bit of tummy trouble, and we've been using it again with some relief.
Available from most good chemists for around $12.00

Button Light. It took us a while to work out our lighting needs for the nursery and our bedroom as we negotiated night feeding, settling and changing. One absolutely must-have I would recommend to every new mum is a button light. We bought two from Bunnings for less than ten dollars, they are battery operated and it sits on my bedside table. It is a very dim light and when I'm still half asleep I just grope around for the huge button and, ta-da, just enough light to feed by and not too much so hubby can't get back to sleep!
My Pick: Magic Living LED Push Light (2 Pack)
Available from Bunnings for around $9.00

A Breastfeeding Pillow. I must say that after three months I did away with the pillow for breastfeeding purposes, but the Mamaway Breastfeeding Pillow just keeps on giving with its versatility. The banana-shaped pillow snaps together to create a circle or can be left undone. I used it as a pregnancy support pillow at night, as a breastfeeding support cushion, to assist bub with tummy time, to rest baby on and as a topple cushion as bub was learning to sit. It came with me to the hospital and it is just so darn comfy! It is definitely a little luxury item, but I think the multiple uses are worth the price tag. 
Available from Mamaway instore or online for $130.00

Good maternity bras. At least three of them. I have four and that has done me very well. I was fitted at Myer when I was about thirty weeks pregnant and started wearing them then. The lady was great at estimating how much cup size to leave (I went from a 12B to a 12D). I made sure I had two very comfy bras and one with black straps to go under singlet tops (most of my singlet tops were black). Other friends have used nursing singlets with inbuilt bras, but I am happy with my bra choices. 
Available from Myer and online for around $60.00

Baby Nail Clippers. I cannot believe how sharp those little fingernails can get. I am up to twice weekly trimmings. It is scary at first, but you do get the hang of cutting them without bringing on blood. Your chest, neck, face and bub's poor little eye sockets will thank you for regular trimmings. 

I have: Playgro Baby Nail Care Clippers (I won't say my pick, because I haven't tried many, you just need one pair and if it's too tricky, buy another. I haven't been bothered to try various clippers...)
Available from most baby stores and chemists for $10 (includes scissors and emery boards)

A Bouncer and a Jungle Gym. This is where my baby lived for the first four months of her life. She loved both. They were so good to free up my hands and develop her initial movement skills. A couple of features I liked about them was the easily removable and washable covers/mats for the inevitable puke and the interchangeable rings for 'toy rotation' as all us perfect mums do religiously... They weren't anything extremely fancy, which I appreciated. Sometimes simple is easy and better. We've survived so far without an activity centre, or ADHD station as my hubby refers to them. Again, there are hundreds of these available and many are very similar. So below are just the brands we had. 

Available from most baby stores for around $40.00

Available from most baby stores for around $70 

Aldi Splat Mat. When Aldi next has special buys on baby and children's items, go there. And buy everything you think you might need for the next two years. I started off with four of these splat mats. They are wonderful! I gave one away. One is for no nappy time and I place bub's floor quilt on top of the mat. One is under the highchair (we only have a carpeted dining area) and one comes out when little friends come over to eat. We have a picnic on the lounge room floor. I have jellybean, pencil and owl designs, but more were available at the time. In the future they will be wonderful for messy craft, play dough, general floor protecting and for outdoor use on wet ground etc. Love it!
My Pick: Aldi Splat Mat
Available from Aldi at certain times for $10
Image from Aldi catalogue

Nappy Bin. They have to go somewhere. After working in a creche, I decided I really liked having a nappy disposal system. It is airtight and traps all the nasty odours. The refills can get pricey but I find one canister lasts us a month. And it's worth it!
Available from most good baby stores and Big W for around $30.00
Canisters are $15.00-$20.00 each

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